A Tiny Moment of “Why Scrolling Your Life Away Won’t Save You”

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The Moment

I look at the little red numbers. They tell my brain that something is waiting for me on the other side. I get a little adrenaline rush when I tap on it. Did my friend like my comment? Surely they are LOL-ing at that clever meme I sent. Everybody knows Clark Griswold, right?

Two things are about to happen. Either I am going to be upset that no one reacted to my cleverness or I am going to keep wanting more of this attention. I might lose two hours staring at a black mirror. Then I will have…

A Tiny Moment of “Bathing in the Struggle”

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The Moment

I consider myself pretty adept at surviving. Surviving things is great. It has been said that you won’t truly thrive on what helped you survive. This may be accurate but the thing that assists you in thriving is powerful stuff. It is hard to thrive if you don’t survive. It’s a process.

A great example is this pandemic. After being exposed to every angle of misinformation, gaslighting, and general mayhem, our brains are scrambled and it is not a pretty looking omelet.

After almost a year of locking down and hiding from a real/not real virus, it came…

A Tiny Moment of “Building Up Your Super Powers”

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The Moment

I have always had the gift of being able to smell and taste the layers of ingredients in any particular dish. If I did not quite possess the skills and techniques for a dish, I could always appreciate the nuances of the process. I banked on this for decades as a professional chef.

When it was my time to pursue another career, another passion, I figured I was acutely sensitive and aware of my environment. I decided to go back to school once more and pursue a BFA in…

Trying to Be Your Higher Power

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A lot of our pain, whether we can admit it or not, is self-inflicted. The movement through life offers joy and pain. These are both fleeting. Why do we tend to let go of the joy quicker than we hold onto the pain? It is our nature to be vicious and stubborn with things that trouble us and gloss over our pleasures. We feel the pleasure and want more almost immediately. It is our curse. We eat a delicious cookie and before the crumbs are dissolved, we reach for another. We pound down a…

Why You Should Try to Stop Multi-Tasking

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It seems that every self-help guide or Huffington Post or Buzzfeed story lists ways for you to get the most out of your life or day by cramming in as much as you can by balancing a whirlwind of tasks. What they are doing is throwing upon you the ultimate curse word, “multi-task.” Wait! I thought that was how you get ahead and accomplish all of your hopes and dreams. Maybe not. Here’s why.

Trying to Throw Focus On Numerous Things at Once is Dangerous

It is difficult to use one hand effectively…

Allowing the Music to Speak for You

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The Moment

Our relationships can grow routine. We grow weary of the constant bombardment of negative press and stories that we will never make it. New horrors and unbelievable acts are thrown in our faces repeatedly. We struggle to function in an impossible, or at the very least, uncomfortable, scenario.

I wish I knew how to come up with a brilliant plan or tell you that I have the answers. …

A Tiny Moment of “Why You Miss Them So Much When They Go”

Photo by Eclair-Catching a Quick Salad

The Moment

It’s been two months since Eclair has been gone. I figured I’d be sad. I’ve said goodbye to other pets. I know how to deal with loss and cope with tragedy. I’m a pro, right? We all end up being pros eventually. Why do I still look for her around corners? I don’t see fast-moving, dark shadows dart around as I did with another cat, Dickerson. His spirit lingered around longer, I think?

I still wait for the quick escape out the front door after…

A Tiny Moment of “Using the More Expensive Razor”

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The Moment

I just used a Super Schick Triple Blade Razor and my face is smooth and silky. Up and down and side to side. Nice. This feels wonderful.

I used a cheap razor last week and let’s just say, lots of tiny pieces of tissue were involved. Uggh, and the skin irritations.

It appears my desire to save a few pennies, cost me potential face enjoyment. I may need to evaluate some of my decisions.

The Reflection

I don’t propose using the twenty-dollar single-use razors, but I think you can…

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

“The Genesis of Ribs” Photo by Author

The barbeque business is an ever-growing institution that brings people from all walks of life together to enjoy delicious, tender, and tasty morsels. You can spend thousands of dollars on super-strength, industrial equipment. I would like to help you with the basics and let you decide your next steps.

Get A Grill

I think Weber makes the best grill. You’re going to want to get a non-gas fueled grill. You’ll be smoking for many hours, so a grill that you can add wood, charcoal, etc., is the best. …

A Tiny Moment of “Here’s What You Get When You Never Stop”

Photo by David Bruyndonckx on Unsplash

The Moment

It can take a lot to question if things are working out or if there is a path through all of this uncertainty. I sit here looking beyond the tree line and don’t know why or when the fix is arriving. I know asking why or when rarely yields comfort. What and how are more suitable, but sometimes it feels trite.

Perhaps, it is merely the ride with its bumps and twists. Maybe there is nothing after all. The pursuit of things can be rewarding, but…

Josh Kiev

Actor. Chef. Philosopher. Never Surrender-er. https:///www.joshkiev.com

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